The Crime Fighting Properties of Epoxy Flooring

November 6th, 2016

Picture this: A New York City museum in the middle of the night. Three men creep along the roof, slowly slipping in and out of the shadows. The water tower blocks the moonlight, allowing them to steal across to the skylight; unseen. Peering down into the floor below the three men cut perfect circles from the glass and, on black ropes, rappel into the museum.


Suspended at 20 feet above the ground, the men focus their attentions on a glass case surrounded by red velvet ropes, prominently featured in the center of the room. Suddenly, lights blaze through the darkness and the newly-finished epoxy flooring displays a 3D image of ocean waves. The three men, mesmerised by the sheer beauty below, slowly drop down to examine the floor further. At that moment a battalion of police storm the room and the heist is over. The Times headline the next day reads “Epoxy Flooring Foils Heist”.

Epoxy Flooring – Crime Fighter

Ok so maybe that is a bit of a stretch, epoxy flooring is not going to fight crime. What it will do for you and your business, is create the atmosphere you have always wanted. Epoxy flooring is extremely versatile, and at FloorSmart we are able to tailor colors, designs and even textures to fit your needs.


Epoxy is the king of flooring finishes these days and it has many advantages over having simply concrete. (Polished concrete however is something altogether different.) With epoxy flooring the options are almost endless. Need a logo displayed on your floor? FloorSmart can do that with epoxy flooring. Need a USDA approved floor for your new meat packing plant? Floorsmart can do that with epoxy flooring. We can even help you make your garage floor match the color of your favorite hot rod.

Whatever you may need in epoxy flooring FloorSmart is your local New York City flooring leader, we just can’t promise your floor will fight crime.