FloorSmart Helps You Choose The Best Flooring Options For Your Space

What kind of floor do you have and what is that space used for? FloorSmart will help you discover the best flooring options for your needs, no matter how large or small, the space.

New Floor

New Floors NY

FloorSmart can seamlessly work with you or your construction management team to professionally install your new floor on time and on budget. The FloorSmart technicians will craft any concrete or epoxy floor to your direct specifications. FloorSmart will also help you design and improve the functionality of your new floor.

Existing Floor

Refinish Existing Floors

Let FloorSmart transform your space. FloorSmart will take your tired or dysfunctional floor and turn it back into something new and durable. Whether you are seeking to bring an updated new-floor-feeling to an existing floor, or need to change the functionality and the way the floor performs in your environment, our team of technicians will craft your floor exactly to your specifications. We will also help you understand and explore the wide variety of flooring options you may want to select from to convert your floor’s look or overall purpose.

Problem Floor

FloorSmart specializes in remediation of problematic, damaged or legacy flooring. FloorSmart will remove flooring in need of replacement, prepare the area for repair (or replacement), and deliver an improved, quality-constructed floor. FloorSmart’s flooring experts can also work with your remediation team to understand the source of flooring problems and the options to minimize them.

Not Sure?

Let FloorSmart evaluate your floor; we will present you with options and solutions for any budget or situation. There are so many style choices and functional improvements you can make to your space, simply by getting the most out of your floor. FloorSmart can easily assess your floor and its condition, providing insight and design possibilities for you and your team.