Flooring For The Small Business

October 31st, 2016

We all know that guy. The one with the tattoo of a pair of crossed engine pistons on his shoulder. The guy who seems to always have grease under his fingernails and a smudge of oil on his face. Most of us also know that guy who as a tattoo of a filet knife on his forearm. The guy who always smells like day-old chicken wings and usually has multiple burns on his hands. What do these two guys have in common? Chances are, they are both small business owners with spaces in which they practice their trades. At FloorSmart we feel a kinship with the small business owners because we serve the needs of New York’s business community.

The Shop Floor


Take our friend the mechanic, chances are he does not work underneath the tree in his backyard. He probably has a garage somewhere with a few bays and a chipped up concrete floor. For a mechanic, the flooring definitely matters. A key component of safety is that the flooring is in good shape. FloorSmart is the company to call for repairing and refurbishing a chipped up floor. The best alternative for a shop application would either be polished concrete or epoxy flooring. A critical component for a shop floor is that it needs to be chemical resistant. Some chemicals used in automotive applications can cause severe damage to a floor.

The Kitchen Floor


Our other friend, the chef may have a little restaurant, hidden deep in the boroughs of New York City. His floor is probably appropriately aged of 20th century vintage, but probably has seen better days. The key component of a floor in a kitchen or restaurant is that it must be easy to clean and disinfect, without any gaps to trap spilled food.

The ideal flooring solution for each of these applications is high-quality epoxy flooring from the experts at FloorSmart. Call us today for more details!