FloorSmart Is The Top Polished Concrete Floor Installer In NYC

Polished Concrete Flooring NY

Polished Concrete is an extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing finish that is easy to maintain. Concrete floor slabs are ground to an ultra-smooth finish and then a sealer is applied which provides a dust-free resilient finish. Polished Concrete is an ideal floor choice for high traffic spaces and maintains its new look for a long time. Different types of polishing brushes, applications, and sealers can be intermixed to create a huge assortment of finishes and looks in polished concrete.

Polished Concrete Floors NY

Polished Concrete is an ideal surface for transportation hubs, warehouses, garages, showrooms, malls and retail, lobbies and common spaces, etc.

Polishing Concrete can be a great way to remediate an old concrete floor.

NY Polished Concrete Flooring

If you are looking for Polished Concrete Floors FloorSmart is the best installer of Polished Concrete NYC in.

Advantages of Polished Concrete:

  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Non slip
  • Long lasting A wide range of finish choices
  • A great way to restore an old concrete floor