RESIDENTIAL: Highly Customizable, Stylish, Easy-to- Clean, and Durable

Residential Epoxy Floors NY

Multi-Family (Common Areas / Parking / Basement)

Durable and Easy-to-Maintain epoxy coatings protect stairwells, basements, and parking areas from stains and corrosion. Epoxy coatings are as resilient to vehicle traffic as they are to foot traffic. Epoxy finishes stand up to any weather, indoor and out. Epoxy floor coatings create a moisture barrier and protect the underlying floor and foundation from stains and seepage. Epoxy is durable and holds up well against heavy appliances and storage and maintenance items often found in basement settings.


Epoxy coatings provide a wide array of design choices that are easy to keep clean. Seamless floor and wall finishes mean no food or bacteria can build up in the grout between tiles.


Epoxy coated floors and walls have millions of texture, color, and finish combinations. Epoxy’s versatility means it can deliver on almost any envisioned design. Epoxy is great for creating an industrial or minimalist look.