Microcement Flooring NY

About Microcement

Microcement applications are extremely durable while offering a vast range of color, texture, and design choices. The wide selection of tints, finishes, and feels can be combined to create looks that mimic all sorts of stone, rust or patina metal, or even polymeric, smooth, and waterproof finishes which are ideal for pools, fountains, and tubs.

Microcement is ideal for transforming environments because it can be applied to many different types of surfaces (including drywall, wood, cement, ceramic tile, countertops and stone), and at any angle. So, Microcement is the ideal solution when designers, architects, or contractors work to create continuous and seamless surface finishes from floor to wall to ceiling, or on stairs or shelves.

Microcement surface treatments are quick to install, so spaces being renovated or repaired are back in use quickly. Since microcement can be applied to many different surfaces directly, there will be less cost, time, and mess because the preparation phase rarely requires demolition. There is no better cost/benefit solution for your floors and walls.

Style & Design

Microcement floor style and design

Whether creating extraordinary environments with new construction, or revolutionizing and transforming tired or damaged spaces, Microcement’s multilayer system allows your creative team and our craftsmen to pull from a spectrum of colors, a gamut of metallic/iridescent finishes, and an array of tactile textures. Textures range from smooth to gritty or skid resistant and will make surfaces look new, old, or somewhere in between. This way you can effectively achieve exactly the look you desire. Logos and artwork can be incorporated into surfaces too for branding, navigation, or design.

Microcement flooring installation NY

Benefits of Microcement include:

  • Seamless and continuous, featuring smooth transitions from wall to wall or floor.
  • Extremely durable to wear.
  • Can be applied directly to many different surface types.
  • Direct application eliminates the need for dusty and time-consuming demolition for transformations.
  • Easy and fast application / installation.
  • Can be applied indoors AND outdoors.
  • Microcement gives the widest design choices for surfaces in wet environments like pools, tubs, and fountains.
  • Microcement surfaces require minimal maintenance once installed (liquid wax).

Microcement surfaces can be applied on nearly all flat surfaces. Because microcement is so versatile and flexible with where it can be installed, microcement is the best value solution when reimagining an old space. Imagine pulling out a room’s carpet and applying microcement right on the existing floor beneath, or over an existing bathtub or countertop. This surface treatment technique opens up how designers can think about smooth non-transition surfaces, almost anywhere, including stairs and even furniture. Microcement can applied to: cement, drywall, plaster, countertops, tubs and shower pans, stone and marble, wood, sub-flooring, ceramic tile, stairwells and steps, furniture, ceilings.