The Best Shop In The World

August 19th, 2016

When you watch those garage shows on T.V. the space is always incredibly immaculate. Toolboxes of mythical size, exceptional shop tools and a host that doesn’t have one single tattoo on his face. The clean shiny benches and not a spot of oil anywhere, I mean heck, even the floor jack is polished to a mirror finish. The thing that brings those shows together is the flooring.

Epoxy Floor Coating NY

That’s right, even if you don’t realize it the floor is always something that you notice. The shiny, clean look that is the hallmark of a professional shop. Look no further than FloorSmart, New York City’s premier polished concrete flooring installer. The results you desire are only a phone call away.

Shop Floor

So you have a small shop and a growing business, maybe you restore classic cars for your clients, and the overall shop appearance is important for client relations. Looking into a surface like epoxy would be an excellent choice, but you already have a decent floor and a modest budget. The answer is polished concrete. The existing concrete floor can be refurbished to the desired compatibility for concrete floor polishing. Forget what you think you know about polished concrete, the future is now here. It is no longer an issue to get the professional results you expect. The techniques and equipment that are now available can produce an incredibly diverse palate of colors and patterns.

Durable Longevity

Durable Shop Flooring NY

The best part of a polished concrete floor is the durability. In an business such as a mechanic’s shop, it is just a given that toxic material will eventually drop to the floor. Polished concrete is sealed with a variety of different materials that will provide incredible stain resistance.

If you think you are ready to experience the superior results that are possible with your old concrete floor, give us a call at FloorSmart and let us polish it!

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