Chopper Shrine

August 10th, 2016

Custom Epoxy Garage Floors

So you have this exceptional motorcycle, a shining example of the seventies chopper movement. The wheels are skinny and seem, (by today’s standards) fairly unsafe. The time is now for it to be put on a pedestal, where a pristine bike like this can be appreciated. Your garage will become a shrine to this and other collectable vehicles, but this is the first, your baby. The yellow metal-flake paint in the tank of your motorcycle was placed there, lovingly by a local New York City legend hippie, motorcycle painter. It is a sublimely beautiful shade and sparkles like an L.A. diamond. How cool would it be to have the same color on your floor? With epoxy flooring and Floor Smart we can make that happen.


Epoxy by nature is just a better material for a garage floor and, considering that almost every motorcycle built before 1970 leaks oil, epoxy is extremely durable. We can use various mix-ins to increase slip resistance, make it sparkle like a disco ball and match up the color of your favorite motorcycle. We can help you make your temple to choppers a truly unique space. A place that will be the envy of all of your buddies. Honestly who hasn’t ever dreamed of a traditional black and white tile garage floor?

Custom Floor Design NY

The Rainbow

At FloorSmart we can make your dreams come true with epoxy flooring, stained concrete and microcement. We are experts in industrial, commercial and residential flooring. If you can dream it, we can build it. Follow your artistic impulses and be creative in your choices of color, texture and design. We are the finest flooring contractor in NYC and are proud of our city and providing our customers with best job anywhere. We are here for all of your flooring needs so be sure and call today for your free evaluation.

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