At FloorSmart, We Think Flooring!

September 20th, 2016

Know anyone that thinks about flooring? Like really thinks about it: The epoxy, concrete or microcement and all of the other types of flooring that FloorSmart expertly installs?

We do.

epoxy, concrete and microcement flooring

At FloorSmart LLC, we believe that flooring is much more than just a hard surface to walk on. Flooring connects us to each other, it make our lives easier and with the right contractor it can add a unique element of beauty to your space. Be it your garage, auto dealership, or your retail space, the flooring is generally the most overlooked part of a build or remodel. The recent innovations in flooring technology make it easy for experienced craftsman to create a floor that will inspire as well as awe.

The versatility of epoxy flooring has created a revolution in the way flooring is utilized. Epoxy is applied over the top of the base layer, creating a protective surface as well as a unique look. Epoxy is an incredible material that can be colored to any shade that you could ever imagine. If you want your retail floors to be blue and yellow, epoxy can make that happen.

The best part about epoxy?

Epoxy Flooring Versatility Other than the interesting textures and colors, epoxy is generally very economical and will last a very long time. It is easy to clean and wears well, usually lasting for many years.

No matter what your business, it is important to think about cost and nobody wants to spend a bunch of money on their floors. Flooring is generally the last thing that is replaced when small improvements are made, as a business owner you just want your floor to last and look good. As a homeowner you want your garage or basement flooring to be durable and affordable. At FloorSmart we can install a quality epoxy floor into your home or business, creating the look that you have always wanted! Call today for an estimate for your space!

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