3D Floors!

July 29th, 2016

When you look back on the way the world has changed in the last hundred years it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment that really changed everything. Is it the moon landing in the sixties? How about the rise of the machines in the 1980’s with the mainstreaming of personal computers. So many exciting things have been invented in the last century and we are lucky to be alive today to benefit from it. As crazy as it sounds, the flooring industry has been experiencing some major innovations in itself and a lot of it has to do with epoxy flooring, and FloorSmart are the leaders of epoxy flooring installation in New York City.

Three-dimensional flooring

Exciting Floors

Well, how exciting could flooring actually be? It is something that everyone uses on a daily basis but never really gives a second thought about. The thing about floors is that the Romans and the Greeks used to decorate their floors with mosaics and intricate patterns. Some of the most beautiful pieces of art have been unearthed and identified as flooring. It seems that we are at a renaissance for flooring with the advent of three-dimensional epoxy flooring. Three-dimensional flooring is an amazing way to bring art into your home or small business. And it is unique enough that your friends or customers will definitely remember your unique floor.

Fish, Dolphins and Waves

3D Flooring It works like this: The floor is prepared with the normal primer and sealer to ensure that the epoxy stays in place. A picture is chosen to be the centerpiece of the floor and laid over the base layer; popular images include water, fish and dolphins. The way the picture is drawn creates an illusion of being three-dimensional, such as a dolphin sticking up out of the water or a wave cresting on a beach.

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