USDA and Food Service Flooring

October 7th, 2016

There are things happening with flooring that were not a consideration a decade ago.

Epoxy Floor Coating for Industrial Spaces

FloorSmart is on the cutting edge with our diverse offering of flooring systems. The rise of epoxy flooring has created new and exciting ways to make ordinary concrete floors into something extraordinary. Floors that resemble Italian marble or African granite with a beauty that shines and a durability that lasts. It is not simply the decorative aspect of epoxy flooring that is so attractive to so many people. Epoxy can serve as a coating for all sorts of businesses in the foodservice industry, talk about versatile!

USDA Regulations

The USDA has specific regulations when it comes to flooring in food processing plants. Places like commercial bakeries, dairies, meat processing facilities and bottling plants, all are required to have USDA approved flooring. The USDA flooring regulations state that the floor must be easy to clean and smooth. Epoxy is ideal for applications such as this and we install USDA approved flooring systems.

Kitchen Upgrade

USDA flooring regulations Let’s say you have a restaurant and decide to upgrade the kitchen. Currently the regulations do not require restaurants to have the same flooring systems as a highly regulated food processing facility. That does not mean that those regulations will not change at some point. If you are thinking about redoing your restaurant’s kitchen, stay ahead of the regulations and install an epoxy floor. The ease of maintenance and the cleanliness advantage will truly make your restaurant’s kitchen the envy of the New York food scene.

The Easy Choice

If you need a floor for an industrial operation that is easy to clean, non-slip and USDA compliant, epoxy flooring is the clear choice. Floorsmart can advise you as to which type of flooring we offer, and which would be the best choice for you. Please give us a call with any and all questions you may have!

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