Custom Spaces

July 22nd, 2016

It is the little details that truly make a custom space.

Custom Flooring NYC

The cookie-cutter standardization that we have all become used to with, chain restaurants and big-box stores, will not help you stand out. It is the small things that make your space truly unique. That could be a unique color palette,a symbol or a certain texture. In New York City, the flooring experts that are represented by one word, FloorSmart. We have the experience and the skills to make your commercial or residential space exactly as you desire.

Ocean Waves

NYC Custom Epoxy Floors

Let’s say you have recently opened up a pet store that specializes in fish. The decor is somewhat self-explanatory as you will have fish tanks lining the walls and throughout the space. It has always been a dream of yours to have a fish store and you would like to realize your vision to the fullest. Say you wanted a fish shaped symbol as you walk into the front door and the rest of the floor a series of blues and greens meant to represent water. At FloorSmart, we can provide the guidance necessary to make that sort of dream a reality. Epoxy has opened up all sorts of new doors when it comes to flooring.

Maximize The Beauty

The old floor in your retail space will probably need to be either removed or repaired before the new epoxy floor is installed. The experts at FloorSmart use the latest removal techniques and ensure that the surface is prepared for epoxy flooring. An essential portion of epoxy flooring installation, this assures that the epoxy is properly bonded to the floor’s surface. Quality installations are the hallmark of a professional flooring company and FloorSmart is the finest in NYC. So give us a call today for your free consultation. We want to be your flooring partner and provide the best results available. Call today!

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