Why Epoxy Floors Are A Good Choice For Your Business

June 10th, 2016

When choosing flooring for your business, you want something that will last, be easy to maintain and look good, epoxy floors can meet all of these requirements.

Epoxy Flooring NY

What are Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy is made from a combination of resins and hardeners. When these elements are combined, they create a durable, plastic like material , that can be utilized as a flooring or coating solution for vertical surfaces.

What are the benefits of epoxy floors?

Here are a few:

Durability: There are few flooring options that are as durable as epoxy which makes them a great choice for any business. Epoxy is tough enough to stand up to daily use of forklifts, trolleys, vehicles and other heavy equipment.

Minimal Care: Maintenance plays a big role in the flooring options for any business. An epoxy coating can be applied to concrete resulting in one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain.

Protection: Due to the repellent ability epoxy provides against chemicals, grease stains and oil, epoxy floors look better longer. This protection helps you avoid high replacement costs associated with other flooring options.

Increased Reflectivity: Epoxy coatings increase light reflectivity. This provides a brighter, safer work environment. Not only will epoxy floors create a better work space it can also lower utility bills by reducing the need for additional lighting.

epoxy flooring for businesses

If you need a commercial floor that will be durable and minimize maintenance costs associated with heavy traffic, epoxy is the clear choice.

Epoxy’s reputation for reliability makes it the favored choice of many retail area’s, schools, warehouses, hotels and other spaces.

If you think epoxy would be a good choice for your business or need help deciding if it could be, contact us today.

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