Project: DO & CO

Location: Queens, New York

Client / Contractor: DO & CO New York Catering, Inc

Scope of Work: Install floor coatings in the following areas:

  • Pastry prep areas
  • Coolers
  • Vegetable wash areas
  • Halal prep areas
  • Meat prep areas

Flooring System: Sika Purcem 22NA Cementitious Urethane with a seal coat of Sika 510 Polyspartic floor coating.

Overview: The client required new floors be installed in food prep areas, which would have to be heavy duty given the nature of their business and also be installed in a short time frame to suit their 24/7 schedule.

Challenges: Access was difficult and all work areas had to be isolated from the adjacent areas which would be in operation while the floors were worked on, this meant no dust or odors could be generated.

Materials: Sika Purcem 22NA Self-leveling Broadcast Cementitious Urethane Slurry, Sika 510 Abrasion and UV Resistant Polyaspartic Resin System.

Benefits of Flooring System:

  • Resists a very wide range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts and solvents. Refer to Chemical Resistance Chart
  • Cures quickly, fast turnaround
  • Durable, impermeable and seamless
  • Low maintenance
  • Meets the requirements of USDA for use in food plants
  • Durable, impermeable and seamless
  • Bond strength in excess of the tensile strength of concrete, concrete will fail first
  • It will perform and retain its physical characteristics through a temperature range from -40°F (-40°C) up to 248°F (120°C)
  • Minimal maintenance costs, superior life cycle cost advantage versus tile
  • Achieves highest performance ratings according to ASTM G21 resistance to fungi and ASTM D3273 resistance to mold growth

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Project: UN Loading Dock and Kennels.

Location: Manhattan, New York

Client / Contractor: Brickens Construction Inc & UN

Scope of Work: New heavy duty flooring system for loading dock and dog kennel areas

Flooring System: Sika Epo-rok @ 1/4 inch thick with a Sika 264 Epoxy seal coat

Overview: The loading dock and kennel area floors needed new finished surfaces as part of an overall refurbishment of the space. The new floors would be expected to withstand heavy loads from pallet trucks and fork lifts and also various types of liquid spills, be durable and seamless for ease of maintenance.

Challenges: Schedule was important as the area is critical to the operation of the building and the work had to be done during out of buiness hours to tight deadlines from the construction manager Brickens.

Materials: Sika Epo-Rok trowel Mortar system and Sika 264 Thixotropic Epoxy Coating

Benefits of Flooring System:

  • Slip resistant surface:
  • High wearing
  • Excellent Impact resistance
  • Resists heavy duty loads and steel wheeled traffic
  • Good chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Durable, impermeable and seamless

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